Babysitters Club

The Babysitters Club is a program headed by St. Andrew’s Youth Ministry to connect our congregation with students in their community who are able and willing to serve. A common question we are asked in our community is “Do you know any good babysitters?”. In the past we have been recommending students purely based on who comes to mind first, but now we have a much better system!

We now have a google form that every student interested in serving our community can fill out. If you babysit, mow lawns, bake cakes, care for elderly, coach soccer, and so on, we want to know! Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM as completely as you can so that when a family or individual says “I need a dog sitter, who can you recommend?”, they will be presented with a master list of students who can provide what they need. Simple! Right? Makes you wonder why we hadn’t done this years ago!

If you would like to request a list of students and their skills, please fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM and a complete list of responses will be sent to the email provided. If you have any questions please contact Amelia Bodde at