Andie’s Pantry: Fall Feast

Providing a Meal

St. Andrew’s Youth Participating in Outreach

The month of November is a time for thanksgiving and anticipation for Christmas and the impending New Year. Every year there is a call for those who have to share their time, talents and treasure to serve the community around them. This year especially has been a difficult one for individuals and families all over the world, and St. Andrew’s is doing their part to help out those in the Kansas City area. Many of you know about Andie’s Pantry and the amazing good this program does during each event. You know about the collection of food, the organizing of food and the delivering of food to the families of Benjamin Banneker Elementary School. This month was just as well planned and executed, but a little differently to accommodate each family’s individual needs for the holidays as well as resection health restrictions.

One of the most notable changes was that each family was asked what they would like to receive for this delivery which arrived only a few days before thanksgiving. Some suggested options were Turkey, Ham, potatoes, veggies, pies; all of the Thanksgiving classics.

My mom called Tameka and asked what groceries she would like. She asked for eggs, milk, a ham, potatoes, green beans, collard greens, and a couple more things. The list was very small. My mom and I made a pumpkin pie and a chocolate cake for the family as well.

Once a family responded with their order, the order was then filled. St. Andrew’s parishioners interested in participating would take the requested list of items and go to the grocery store to gather the ingredients for a holiday feast! The groceries are gathered together and then delivered to each individual family!

Called ahead on Wednesday and asked if Sunday in the afternoon would work. Then called on Sunday to firm up a good time for delivery. It took probably 45 minutes total.

During this months’ Andie’s Pantry event, a total of 9 youth ministries families participated! The experience has been one they all enjoyed and look forward to volunteering with in the future.

I loved talking to the recipient! It was helpful to know about the family

Banks Family

We’ll do this again next year, for sure. We would do it again for Christmas this year..

Kirmer Family

It went extremely smoothly. Well planned and well carried out by the organizers. Will be doing this again!

McGrath Family