Lenten Series Schedule

As part of youth group each week we will be exploring what it means to be a Christian: what do we think about Jesus, where did Jesus teachings come from, what are we called to do as Christians?

 Sunday, February 21, Week 1:  As Christians, what is our responsibility to those in need?  

Sunday, February 28, Week 2:  How did Jesus use the Old Testament teachings to bring a new message of love to the world? 

Sunday, March 7, Week 3:  How does the kingdom of heaven that Jesus describes differ from the ways we think about heaven?

Sunday, March 14, Week 4:  How does Jesus use the Beatitudes to cast our challenges in a new light?

Sunday, March 21, Week 5:  When we picture Jesus, what does he look like?  How does that image compare to images of those most in need, who Jesus says we should serve as if serving him?

Sunday, March 28, Week 6:  What does the Bible say about the path to salvation, and what are the different ways Christians interpret the Bible‚Äôs teaching