Acolyte Program

The acolyte program is a vibrant ministry for kids in 6th through 12th grades. Acolytes serve once a month at one of our Sunday services. Youth say their time as an acolyte has deepened their spiritual life. They grow in understanding and appreciation of worship, and they build new friendships. If your youth is looking for a way to connect at St. Andrew’s, the acolyte program is a warm, welcoming place to be.

Acolyte Schedule


5-Sep8am, arrive at 7:3010am, arrive at 9:30
VergerxJohn Benson
CrossJohn BensonOliver Hodges
TorchEvan MurrayKatie Cook
TorchEmma MurrayEzra Pastine
12-Sep8am, arrive at 7:3010am, arrive at 9:30
VergerAlex BuckAlex Buck
CrossAbigail LongMillie Nordan
TorchThomas GogelKatie Buck
TorchChristopher LongAbby Hunt
19-Sep8am, arrive at 7:3010am, arrive at 9:30
VergerEmma AngilanEmma Angilan
CrossCharlotte HamiltonSophie Angilan
TorchMary LongSophia Marien-Brovont
TorchOlivia HensonSophie Yanics
26-Sep8am, arrive at 7:3010am, arrive at 9:30
VergerJohn BensonCarter Rostron
CrossCyrus MoreyYolande Vottero
TorchGaines TriggLili Vottero
TorchEzra PastineGrace Coughlin