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Andie’s Pantry: Fall Feast

Providing a Meal St. Andrew’s Youth Participating in Outreach The month of November is a time for thanksgiving and anticipation for Christmas and the impending New Year. Every year there is a call for those who have to share their time, talents and treasure to serve the community around them. This year especially has beenContinue reading “Andie’s Pantry: Fall Feast”

Month in Review

So much fun has been had in the last month, we had to share it! Instead of telling you, we are going to show you! Our community is hustling and bustling all over the place and would love for you to join us!

Kick Off Update

Where will you find 20+ kids gathered on a Sunday afternoon for fun and fellowship?  St. Andrew’s Youth Group!  This year St. Andrew’s has two youth group gatherings one for middle school and one for high school and what a difference this change has made!  We kicked off high school youth group on August 30 at Top Golf.  WeContinue reading “Kick Off Update”

Youth Group Adult Leaders

We have four AMAZING adult leaders who volunteer to lead our youth is everything from games and activities to lessons and even down the slopes of Winter Park on the annual ski trip! Below are their bios along with a photo! Read and get to know them! They can’t wait to meet all of you!Continue reading “Youth Group Adult Leaders”

No Pomp Under These Circumstances

March 2020, while students were enjoying or anticipating their spring school break, the world itself seemed to come to a slow motion stop in a matter of hours. One minute the virus was in Asia, then Europe, then seemingly overnight cases were in every state in America. Schools went remote, events and activities cancelled, humansContinue reading “No Pomp Under These Circumstances”


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About St. Andrew’s Youth Ministry

Hello! we are a community of youth in the Kansas City area who participate in programs and events from being an acolyte, to being at youth group or going on the annual ski trip to Winter Park. In our blog we post about stories or events that we think our community will want to read more about